Housed in a 10 foot diameter dome is the main piece of equipment -- the telescope  - which is a computer driven / motorised 14" Meade that is mounted on a polar aligned wedge.

The second 6-foot diameter dome houses an excellent Televue 85mm refractor.

To compliment these scopes there are various eye pieces including Barlow lenses and camera adapters.

There is also the facility to "piggy back" cameras or smaller telescopes on the top of the main telescope as well as fitting cameras to the eye piece using the appropriate adapter.

We have a range of video cameras [webcams] and most most members have digital cameras that are used to capture the images which can then be processed on computers using various software to enhance them with some excellent results - have a look at the photo gallery.

We have software to display what is available in the night sky [or for any time of the year] this will also drive the telescope to be desired location - this can make it a bit of an "armchair " pursuit.
But then why not when there is a camera on the end of the eyepiece and you can keep yourself in the warm with a nice cuppa tea.

One of our later bits of kit is a telescope with special filters - in this case an Alpha H filter thus giving us a SOLAR TELESCOPE the filters eliminates virtually all of the light from the sun enabling flares and prominences to be seen and photographed.