ChrisPics ChrisPics Moon 22/03/10 Lunar X at terminator. used a compact camera held at the eyepiece of an 8" Newtonian outside Brough Observatory. Best one of 2 shots 75254586 Leo from 3 stacked, light polluted images. Canon 400d piggy - backed on Steve`s scope mid April 2010. My 1st. constellation with a DSLR 78862955 Saturn 19th April 2010 Canon 400d held at the eyepiece of my 9" Dobsonian. Tricky but works with practice 10 Jpegs Deep Sky Stacked then a bit of Paint Shop Pro 79543922 Moon & Venus above Blackies Club Canon 400d wide angle (18mm) 79545806 ISS ISS passing over at 23:22 on the 3rd May 2010 EOS 400d, iso 400. Bulb shot for 1m 52 sec Tweeked in D.S.Stacker to take out the light pollution. Travelling from bottom of frame to top. 80975302 Sunset From Brough boatyard, this view didn`t last for long. Canon eEOS 400d Wednesday 7th July2010 91169717 Sun through mylar Canon EOS with mylar sheet taped over the 200mm. lens Sunspot just visible at right centre 91169718 M42 --- Taken through the club scope. Canon 400d @ 60 seconds. Photo as taken, no adjusting done. 1am. -- 9 Jan 2011 112743304 Radio Humberside visits to BLAS The James Hoggarth Show on Wednesday 12th January 2011 did a 3 hour stint at the Dome -- as expected we had thick cloud all night but there was a large number of visitors who seemed to enjoy the evening 113175027 Sun through spotting scope Taken using a spotting scope, with Mylar filter and basic digital camera held at the eyepiece. 26/Feb/2011---- 4 images stacked. You may just see sun spots at top left 118492188 131018188 131018189 Stargazing Live 2013 - Barton Covered telescopes outside Waters` Edge on a cloudy & rainy January night, but still, plenty of visitors. 172496060 Stargazing Live 2013 - Barton Entrance to the Waters` Edge Visitor Centre - Barton, N.Lincs. 172496061 1st April 2015 Moon through Meade 6". Canon 400d 1/500sec 198017597