Bobs Pix Bobs Pix 22/02/10 Phone camera 71149312 22/02/10 Phone camera 71149313 RES GESTA PAR EXCELLENTAIM Pontefract 10 Sept 2011 - Me and Sy Liebergot, Apollo Mission Control flight EECOM (Electrical, Environmental and COMmunication systems). When Jim Lovell uttered the understatement ?Euston we?ve had a problem?, Sy and his team were The Engineers on the spot. Sy thank you for taking the time to give us a fantastic and inspirational insight into Apollo mission control. Next time I feel like burying my head in the sand, I will endeavour to remind myself that failure is not an option. Thanks for the ticket Helen & thanks for the photo Anne? 137786873 03_03_07_Full_Eclipse My first attempt with a digital camera (Fuji Finepix S5600). Full Eclipse. I did not have a tracker in those days ! 205276364 04_03_07_Eclipse_exit My first attempt with a digital camera (Fuji Finepix S5600). Exit from Full Eclipse. Note the camera is swamped with light as the sun takes hold. Jerry Anderson would be proud of this space 1999 breakaway shot 10 years after the event ! 205276366 Leguilly_France_2013 Leguilly_France_2013. Canon 1100D 205632541 Shuttle Discovery & ISS 26_02_11 My only sighting of a shuttle. We had 3 high elevation passes that night and the first one was cloudy. The clouds parted for this shot though. Against an Orion backdrop, this is STS 133 on her final flight to the ISS taken on my Fuji Finepix from the back garden. The camera only has a 4 second max exposure time! The picture shows a single line. I actually wanted two but by the time the clouds had parted for the second pass, I was left with one. NASA live TV reported that Discovery was 39Ft from dock with the ISS when I took the picture so technically there would be two lines given enough resolution. 205632542