Transit of Mercury May 2016 Transit of Mercury May 2016 Mercury Transit May 9th 2016 The transit took around seven and a half hours, and we had clear skies throughout! Taken via an 80mm refractor, with white light (Baader-film) filter, ZWO ASI 120 MC-S camera on a 0.6 focal reducer. Short video, stacked with Registax. 201783026 Mercury Transit Annotated (May 2016) Just a few sunspots during the transit. 201783025 Inside view (1) ...waiting for Mercury The camera used for the transit picture was also used as a live feed to the projector for the who;e of the transit, enabling visitors (including wheelchair users) to view the event in comfort. 201749869 Inside view (2) Solar photography - pictures of the "video wall" 201749870 First View The arrow points to Mercury as it starts its transit 201749871 Outside projection A neat system to project the image of the Sun onto white card from the eyepiece. 201749872 Party! Eight opportunities to view the transit in the glorious sunshine 201749873 Solarscope Coronado solar telescope in use 201749874 Refractors Setting up... 201749875 Binoculars Binoculars with the proper solar filters 201749876 Imagers Two 80mm refractors: One with a dSLR for high-resolution images and a possible time-lapse sequence, the other with a CCD camera for the live feed into the main room. 201749877 Protection The 14-inch telescope (with no solar filter, so not in use) was protected from the "normal" heat of the summer sun with foil-backed foam. 201749878 Earlier Target The moon projected onto the wall 201749879 "If wet.." When the clouds roll in, project the *live* view from the cameras on the International Space Station. 201749880